Our assortment of refreshing Soaps will give a much deserved pampering to your skin. They don’t just cleanse but nourish, making it, oh! so soft smooth and supple. Each of our creations is completely unique and absolutely beautiful.

We also Make custom soaps in consultation with the client according to their needs and wishes.

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Handmadness cares about you and so we have our range of ‘Unscented Soaps’ for the sensitive skin type. These Soaps are free of Fragrance oils and hence are suitable for little kids and people prone to skin allergies.
Find out more about Fragrances in our FAQ segment.

We add only Fragrance oils to our soaps for the scents. Fragrance oils are highly volatile and tend to fade over the period of time. Hence, the soaps might not have a very strong fragrance. But nevertheless they are good for your skin and health.
Find out more about fragrance in our FAQ Segment.

Show your loved ones how much you care for their health. Give a thoughtful gift to them that they will remember forever. Gift a soap this season!
Find an ideal gift for the occasion from among our range of different combos. Each one is equally useful and conveys the priceless sentiment of your affection and care for the well-being of your near and dear ones.
We have already done the job for you by wrapping up all the goodies in a pleasantly rustic hamper. You just have to pick one.